Getting set up with Meal Counter

If you are having issues logging into your Meal Counter account, please check out the FAQ’s below for possible solutions

A: This email usually arrives in less than a minute. The first trouble-shooting step would be to check the spam folder associated with the intended email address.

Alternatively, some email addresses may already be associated with an account, specifically users of EZ Meal Tracker from last year. In this case, the users can log in using their email and password from last year. If they do not remember their password the ‘Forgot Password’ link can be used to create a new password. See ‘How do I reset my password?’ below.

If these steps still do not help, double check to make sure the email address has been entered properly and that the user has active permissions. Please note, some characters can be hard to identify correctly, copying and pasting email addresses instead of typing them affords greater accuracy.

A: This means one of two things. For users trying to log in or set their password, it means the link they are trying to use has expired. To get a new token follow the ‘Forgot Password’ steps below in the See ‘How do I reset my password?’ section.

A: For users logged in already that see a token message, it means something went wrong with your current session. Simply log out and then log back in to continue. If the issue persists, clear your browser cache, restart your browser, and then try again.

1. Navigate to

2. Select ‘Log In’

3. Click ‘Forgot your password?’

4. Enter your email account

A: Some organizations employ advanced email filtering that may prevent Meal Counter’s emails from getting through. Talk to your IT team and ask them to whitelist this URL: and to allow emails from Since many larger organizations have restrictive setups, we created a quick email template you can copy and send to your IT folks:

Dear IT Team,
One of our team members is unable to receive confirmation emails for an application we are using to count and manage USDA food programs.

Would you please check to ensure that emails from are whitelisted and unblock or, ideally, the entire domain?


A: A known issue is affecting users trying to include a “.” (period) in their password. These users should create a new password using the ‘Forgot Password’ link at Log In and click  ‘Forgot your password?’ making sure not to include a period in the new password.

A: Simply click on the Cartewheel ‘C’ to navigate back to your dashboard. If you still encounter this error, please close all mealcounter tabs, clear your browser cache and then restart your browser. Also, please ensure you use this URL to login: (bookmarking an EZauthhub email can lead to this issue).

A: Until they log out. There is currently no automated log out function within the application.